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I am a very proud son: Prateik Patil Babbar

Prateik Patil Babbar on carrying the Torch of a Legendary Legacy

“I am a very proud son” – Prateik Patil Babbar on carrying the Torch of a Legendary Legacy, as he is all set to honour his mother and legendary actress Smita Patil at Cannes Debut!

It is an emotional and historic moment for actor Prateik Patil Babbar as he prepares to make his poignant debut at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival. This debut is not just a personal milestone for Prateik but also a tribute to his late mother, the legendary actress Smita Patil. Her 1976 film, Manthan, will be screened in the Cannes Classics segment, bringing her remarkable legacy back into the global spotlight.

Manthan, directed by Shyam Benegal, is not only a cinematic masterpiece but also a significant landmark in the annals of Indian cinema. It holds the distinction of being India’s first crowdfunded film. The production of this film saw an unprecedented collaboration between the film industry and grassroots supporters. Over 500,000 farmers from Gujarat came together to fund the movie, each contributing Rs. 2, demonstrating the power of collective effort and community spirit.

The film narrates a fictionalized account of the dairy cooperative movement in India, which was inspired by the pioneering work of Verghese Kurien, widely acknowledged as the Father of the White Revolution. This movement was instrumental in transforming India from a milk-deficient nation to the largest milk producer in the world.

In conversation with Hindustan Times, before he flies off to France today, he shared, “My mother is going to be celebrated. It is a big moment for me and my family. For me specifically it is extremely symbolic. I am a very proud son. This moment reminds me of how amazing a woman she is and how I am lucky to be her son.”

For Prateik, the Cannes screening of Manthan is deeply personal. Known for her powerful performances and her ability to portray complex characters with profound sensitivity, Smita Patil’s legacy continues to inspire and resonate with audiences and actors alike. Attending Cannes is a significant step in Prateik’s career, reflecting his commitment to honoring his mother’s legacy while carving out his own path in the film industry.



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