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Young Prodigy Sabhya Veer Takes Center Stage in Heartfelt Music Video “Meri Duniya”

In a captivating debut, child actor Sabhya Veer is set to steal hearts in the upcoming music video “Meri Duniya,” a soulful narrative exploring the unbreakable bond between a mother and son. Sabhya Veer, an accomplished tennis champ and cricket enthusiast, showcases his versatile talents in this emotional project, marking his first foray into the world of music albums.

The excitement is palpable as Sabhya Veer shares his enthusiasm for working on “Meri Duniya.” The music video features the acclaimed singer Sumedha Karmahe’s emotive vocals, The composition is by Shivang Mathur, and Shayra Apoorva penned the lyrics.Creating a perfect harmony that resonated with the young actor. Sabhya Veer expressed his joy in being part of such a touching project and highlighted the pleasure of working with the renowned actress Reema Khanna, who essays the role of his mother.

Directed by the talented filmaker Sachin Gupta and produced under the banner of Chilsag Studios, known for their intense storytelling and thematic brilliance, “Meri Duniya” promises to be a visual masterpiece. Sabhya Veer, not just an actor but a budding sports enthusiast, found the shooting experience akin to a delightful picnic, making the process even more memorable.

With two more exciting projects on the horizon, Sabhya Veer is set to make a lasting impression in the entertainment industry, leaving audiences eagerly anticipating his future endeavors.



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