“We are like brothers only” says Rohit Choudhary

Rohit Choudhary and Pearl V. Puri on the sets of Brahmarakshashas 2

Rohit Choudhary reuniting with Pearl V. Puri in Brahmarakshas 2

Amongst the various intriguing stories introduced by the channel, Zee TV recently introduced the second season of its immensely successful weekend thriller, Brahmarakshas. Produced by Balaji Telefilms, the show narrates the various folklores of the Brahmarakshas who has returned with twice as much power. It features television actress Nikki Sharma essaying the lead character of Kalindi opposite popular actor Pearl V. Puri playing the role of Angad. While Angad and Kalindi’s chemistry has surely been the talk of the town, Pearl’s camaraderie and bromance  with television actor Rohit Choudhary has also been equally loved by the viewers.

Rohit Choudhary and Pearl V. Puri on the sets of Brahmarakshashas 2

Essaying the character of Robin, Angad’s younger brother, television actor Rohit Choudhary had quite a nostalgic reunion when he first met Pearl on the sets of Brahmarakshas 2. The duo reunited after nearly two and a half years and surely couldn’t contain their excitement. While their pairing has been immensely loved by the audience, off-screen too the actors share an extremely strong and deep connection and are often seen huddled in each other’s vanities amidst breaks. From improvising scenes with each other to even sharing meals during lunch time together, Pearl and Rohit are now radiating some onset BFF goals

Talking about his bond with Pearl V. Puri, Rohit Choudhary shared, I was honestly very excited to play Pearl’s younger brother, more so because me and Pearl have done a show together before. Hum dono ki chemistry pehle se hi hai, and I was sure that our pair would look great on-screen. Beyond the camera, we are like brothers only and I believe the true essence of our relationship is what is really reflected in our scenes as well. A lot of times we improvise our own and scenes and dialogues as well to best bring out our characters. In fact, the writer has also begun writing the scenes as to how we perform our characters. Stepping into this relation was quite easy for us, considering we already share a pretty close and strong bond as actors.”

While Angad and Robin’s bromance continues to flourish, Kalindi and Angad’s relation is facing some rocky twists and turns. What’s really in store for these lovebirds?


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