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Song `Flip’ from short film Sundarvan Ki Sundari making waves on the social media

The song `Flip’ from the short film Sundervan Ki Sundari ia garnering a lot of views on social media. The short movie has been directed by Sachin Gupta, famous for his movie Pakhi.
The popularity of the song has got the debutant lead actors very excited. Actor Shivam Sinha who is known for his powerful voice is rocking the hero look of the seventies in the song and his strong screen presence is evident. Abhishek Chavan’s pairing with Riva Arora looks very fresh and is going to be very popular among girls with his innocent look. The image of a matured actor is seen in Himanshu Goyal and it is evident that Himanshu will soon rock the big screen too and will earn a lot of fame in cinema.
The song is written by Shayra and sung by Shivang and Rishit. The audience is eagerly waiting for the release of this short film. The film is made under the Chilsag Pictures banner.



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