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While being home-bound, the Qurbaan Hua actor is exploring the singer within him 

Zee TV’s latest fiction drama Qurbaan Hua has kept everyone at the edge of their seats ever since it was launched. Be it the unique storyline, the constant twists and turns or the fantastic performance by Karan Jotwani and Pratibha Ranta, the show has surely grabbed everyone’s attention. In fact, Karan Jotwani’s daredevil stunts and his intense portrayal of Neel has also impressed one and all. His fanfare has grown massively and to keep his followers entertained during this COVID-19 Lockdown, the actor did something really interesting recently and you surely cannot miss it!

Karan Jotwani a.k.a Neel from Qurbaan Hua 5

While the COVID-19 Lockdown has surely made everyone across the world feel blue, it has also given people and actors alike, a chance to explore their hidden talents. While some actors seek for the chef or painter within them, others have chosen to sing their hearts out. Qurbaan Hua star Karan Jotwani is one of them and he has been experimenting with his vocational skills. He showed off his hidden talent when he shared his rendition of Ranveer Singh’ s Doorifrom Gully Boy and Arijit’s Ae Dil Hai Mushkil track. But what makes it even more special was the intensity with which he sang the songs as well as his expressions and the way the video was presented!

Karan Jotwani a.k.a Neel from Qurbaan Hua at the Ganga Mahasangam in Devprayag

Karan recently took to his social media pages to share videos. While one video features the actor’s heartfelt rendition of Arijit’s popular song, the other video depicts his multitasking capabilities as he raps and completes his household chores simultaneously. Sharing his thoughts on the same, Karan Jotwani mentioned, “Doori is currently one of the top most tracks on my playlist, while Ae Dil Hai Mushkil is a personal favourite. In fact, I share a deep love for Arijit’s tracks, and you will always catch me singing to his tunes. Apart from that, I also love Ranbir Kapoor. He is a great human being and an even better actor. So, I’ve loved lip syncing Ranbir’s songs and hence, I had to sing Ae Dil Hai Mushkil. I’ll try to do some more renditions of Ranbir Kapoor songs. As for Doori, I believe it’s just a way of exploring the rapper within me and making the best use of this quarantine time.”

Well, we’d surely love to see the actor post more such entertaining musical covers. Wouldn’t you?


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