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Kashika Kapoor transforms into a-human eating zombie for Ankit Tiwari’s new title track Saajan

Kashika Kapoor, who is famous for her abundance and excitement, is understood where for giving her listeners might be coming from consecutive superhit melodies with her exhibitions. Kashika has been getting the spotlight with her fantastic exhibitions in a series and numerous music recordings. Kashika Kapoor has indeed prevailed upon us with her staggering work for her new melody Saajan, which has an exceptional idea and an astonishing storyline.

Zombies andSaajan is a heartfelt frightfulness melody that has been envisioned in a world that is affected by an end times – where people are transforming into zombies and are out of control to kill others and demolish the city. The storyline features a charming romantic tale of a wedded couple who are frantically enamored, yet the spouse gets gone after by the zombie and gradually transforms into a zombie. Afterward, the spouse sucks her better half’s blood, transforming him into a zombie too. In any case, during the cycle, Kashika has performed with her appearances, looks, and execution, and she fears losing the affection has recently made the crowd go crazy over her. This 19-year-old magnificence has recently nailed it to another level.

Saajan Poster

According to talking about her job, Kashika, “The melody has lovely verses, yet the idea of the tune is all the way out of the case. At the point when the idea and the tune came to me, it was the idea that attracted me more. Not a solitary tune has been hard for me, yet this one has made me a more ad libbed entertainer; the manner in which it requested looks — outrage, responsibility, and the franticness of adoration — was a finished mix. I truly lived it up doing cosmetics, performing it, and making individuals terrified with my looks. It was actually the best insight of my life. I truly trust that the crowd figures out the idea and the vision behind it and values the difficult work and the endeavors that the whole group has placed into it”

Kashika Kapoor in Zoombie look

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