It’s Passion vs. Profession In The Privé Premiere Of ‘The New King of Comedy’

The New King Of Comedy

Sometimes all you need is that one big break. However, it can be a real struggle to get there. Meet Dreamy, a young girl with sky-high aspirations, waiting for her moment to make it big in the world of acting. This Saturday, August 29 at 1PM and 9PM, come witness a refreshing tale from the world of contemporary Chinese cinema with the Privé Premiere of ‘The New King Of Comedy’ on &PrivéHD. A movie high on energy, action and giggles, here’s a dramedy that truly amps up the fun quotient for the weekend. Directed by the renowned Stephen Chow, the movie is one of his finest works and a sequel to the 1999 hit ‘King of Comedy’. With a month-long bonanza of back-to-back Privé Premieres, the premium destination of nuanced cinema promises yet another exciting weekend for its viewers this Saturday!

Set against the backdrop of Mainland China, the film tells the story of a young and enthusiastic lady, Dreamy (E Jingwen), fired up with the desire to make it big in the world of acting. However, it’s not an easy way in to the world of Chinese cinema. Stuck with a few odd day-roles as movie extras, Dreamy has spent over a decade pursuing her passion and struggling for her big break. However, at times, passions don’t necessarily pay the bills and pressure soon amounts as Dreamy’s parents persuade her to quit and find a stable job. The only one who’s got her back is her boyfriend Charlie who encourages her to give one last shot at auditioning for a major lead role in an upcoming film. As fate would have it, here is Dreamy’s ticket to the Hall of Fame as she bags the lead role of this big-ticket project.

Stuck in the conundrum of passion vs. profession, what path would Dreamy eventually tread?


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