Dr Aditya Rattan comes up with first book – Install antivirus in your heart ware


In the present scenario of Tech savvy and fast paced world, most people resort to google their symptoms, diagnosis, alternative treatments for their medical issues. However, internet derived medical knowledge further adds to their doubts and raises more queries rather than solving them. This compounds  the confusion in the minds of the public and they end up delaying their treatment or resort to  the harmful practice of self medication. The vast information available on the internet forces one to apply the knowledge on themselves and adds to their panic and confusion.

The doctors are often too preoccupied to have an effective conversation and patients are usually skeptical about asking too many questions. A gap is created as a detailed two-way communication is often ignored. Usually itis restricted to a one-way flow of orders from the doctor to the patient. This motivated Dr Aditya Rattan to come out with the idea of writing a book for the masses that discusses their heart-related queries in a simple and lucid manner. Serving as a ready reckoner sort of book which can put away all the uncertainties in the mind of the patient, it is aptly titled “Install antivirus in your heart ware”-One 2 One questions you should ask your cardiologist.

One  can go through an interesting read of commonly raised doubts, questions that patients hesitate to ask, medical awareness of their diets, optimal nutrition, exercise, their optimal values of blood sugar, blood pressure, BMI, lipid profile, etc., desired intake of fats, oils, vitamins, etc.

Consider a few queries like “What should be my normal blood pressure and blood sugar values?” “What is ECG /echocardiography/TMT?How is coronary angiography and stenting done?What should I do to prevent blockages?How is CPR done?

A complete section of the book is dedicated for alternative method of treatment for blocked arteries /angina. This section discusses in detail about ECP therapy, which is a boon for patients who do not wish to undergo angioplasty or bypass surgery.

Dr Suruchi Aditya, co-author, has contributed heart healthy recipes, using minimal oil ,probiotic recipes and  healthy alternatives for snacks and main course of meals using innovative culinary skills.

Dr Aditya has an experience of working in the field of cardiology for over twenty years. He has been trained at PGIMS,Rohtak and National Heart Institute and is currently practicing in Panchkula. He was awarded Rajiv Gandhi excellence award in the year 2014. This is his first book and has already hit the Amazon #1 bestseller slot.


What is ECP Therapy?

ECP therapy is an alternative treatment for angina patients who do not wish to undergo angioplasty, stenting or bypass surgery.Approved by FDA, this therapy involves 35 sessions of one hour daily to improve the collateral flow and help the heart patients lead a comfortable life without the need of any intervention or surgery. It is safe, painless and a very effective way to treat heart patients in a natural manner.

 The book was launched by Shri Gyan Chand Gupta, Speaker,Haryana Assembly in Press Club today and is available on Amazon.


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