Chandni Sharma interview

Chandni Sharma

Ishq Mein Marjawan actor Chandni Sharma gets candid with us and shares how she got the show and more…

Chandni Sharma

How has your journey been so far?
 It has been great as far as my journey in the show is considered, i have been showered with so much love .

You had been affected by Covid-19 too are you better ?
 I am doing absolutely fine. I will definitely be more cautious now.

What did it take from you to manage yourself during Covid-19?
My parents were here and all three of us were positive so moral support was there. Though  I was more worried for them because of their age but by the grace of god ,we overcame it with little to no complications.

How is it working with Helly Shah?
She is love. Such a chirpy happy soul. She is an amazing actress. Very spontaneous and very supportive as motivating as a co-actor

Define Cnandni Sharma…
Chandni as everyone knows means moonlight, calm, romantic, poetic and cannot be harsh..

How did this show happen to you?
I auditioned for Ridhima’s character and they liked me as Ishani and it happened

The first day of shoot after you recovered was it scary?
Not at all,  I was super excited and happy to be back on set.

What are the precautions you are taking now personally and professionally?
I follow all the guidelines. No unnecessary socialing. Washing hands every hour. Using masks and sanitisers. If can be avoided, I do not  step out and no one comes to my house either. Daily intake of Multi Vitamins, Vitamin C and strictly no eating out or ordering restaurant food at home.

What else do we see you in next?
Let’s see. I have not planned anything as such but  I want to grow from here so something better bigger challenging.


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