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‘Bhakshak is my tribute to the unsung journalists who sacrifice everything to bring out the truth!’ : Bhumi Pednekar

Young Bollywood actor Bhumi Pednekar, who is currently basking in the unanimous appreciation and love showered upon her for her stellar performance in Bhakshak, dedicates the success of the film to the media fraternity of India. She calls them ‘unsung heroes who sacrifice everything to bring out the truth!’.

Bhumi says, “I’m deeply grateful to media and all the journalists who have given so much love to Bhakshak that is now a global hit. No matter whichever state of my country I have travelled to since its release, whenever I have engaged with the media recently, they have all told me how passionately I have represented them in Bhakshak.”

She adds, “They have told me how they feel proud to see Bhakshak because it shows how a reporter can swim against the tide to uncover truth as if her life depends on it. Media is the fourth pillar of our democracy. Journalists are the force of nature that stands in the way of injustice, always striving to better society.”

Bhumi further says, “Bhakshak is my tribute to these unsung heroes living across the country, sacrificing everything to bring out the truth. It is not easy being in the media. The threat to their lives, the bullying, the red tape, the attacks on social media or in real life – we know of too many cases. But what is astonishing is how the media doesn’t back down from bringing culprits to justice.”

She adds, “I have always been fascinated by their will power. Lives and tales of crime journalists are also inspiring. What journalists have done for our society, for our country, is simply incredible and they do it without chasing glory. They do it just to do good. I salute this fraternity for protecting people, for protecting democracy and for protecting those in need.”

With 12th fail becoming the big sleeper hit for the industry theatrically and Bhakshak becoming a global hit on streaming, content films are again the toast of town! Bhumi is now considered one of the best actors of the Indian film industry, given her incredible body of work. Her superbly nuanced and brilliant performance in Bhakshak is earning her incredible applause.

Bhakshak has created another milestone that makes India proud on the global content stage – it is amongst Top 5 Non-English films globally for weeks now!



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