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Actor Himanshu Goel Shines in Chilsag Theatre Company’s `Mansukh Chaturvedi Ki Atmakatha’, Directed by Sachin Gupta

In an industry often swayed by shortcuts, Himanshu’s dedication to his craft shines bright.

Stepping onto the stage as the lead in the uproarious comedy play `Mansukh Chaturvedi Ki Atmakatha,’ Himanshu Goel alongside Sakshi Upadhyaya under the astute direction of Chilsag Theatre Company’s Artistic director Sachin Gupta, delivered a performance that left audiences in stitches.

Unlike his peers who opt for the gym and dieticians, Himanshu immerses himself in the rigorous world of theatre honing his acting prowess. His belief in theatre’s unmatched ability to showcase an actor’s true talent is unwavering.

Eager to broaden his horizons, Himanshu Goel is poised for his Bollywood debut, fueled by his passion for storytelling. Additionally, his anticipation for the release of a recent short film underscores his multifaceted talent and dedication to his craft.

Inspired by his esteemed co-star Sakshi, Himanshu’s commitment to his artistry promises a future filled with unforgettable performances.



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