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Practice Pilates with Namrata Purohit and Janhvi Kapoor

Fitness enthusiasts are firm believers that getting fit can be fun and are always on the hunt for creative ways to tone up and Pilates has been just that blessing. It is for everyone, a wholesome workout that focuses purely on improving flexibility, strength, and body awareness through controlled movements. Namrata Purohit is a well-renowned name that introduced Pilates to India at a very young age. The youngest trained Stott Pilates instructor has a unique presence on social media, from showcasing hard-working workout videos to fun dance videos with Janhvi Kapoor her journey keeps on inspiring celebrities and us.

If you are into fitness and pilates, it’s almost impossible not to have heard about Namrata Purohit, the trailblazing fitness guru, Namrata Purohit, youngest pilates instructor globally trained in Stott Pilates, owner of ‘The Pilates Studio,’ and pilates trainer of an illustrious list of Bollywood celebrities and shares a close bond with Bollywood’s favorite actress, Janhvi Kapoorand is the secret to her fit body. While speaking about her experience Namrata says, “Janhvi come a long way, and what’s great is she’s always up for a challenge and excited to try new things and work hard. She is a true Pilates Girl! and has been training with me for over 5 years. She’s focused, dedicated, and a joy to train and work with“.

While talking about her fitness journey Janhvi says, Pilates is more than just the exercises. It’s the positive energy of Namrata, who feels like a sister and a therapist wrapped in one. Every class is a transformative experience, where can pour out my heart and soul to her, trusting her to guide me through the ups and downs. Namrata is a master at discerning when need a firm push or a gentle embrace, effortlessly cutting through the nonsense, and absolutely adore that about her! Namrata has become an indispensable pillar in my life- sisters in spirit, understanding each other on level words can’t capture.


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