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From sweet musings to the old-school though of Opposites Attracts: Here are 4 Reasons to Watch Amazon miniTVs Highway Love

With multiple romance dramas and love stories dominating the digital space, Amazon miniTVs Highway Love is carving its own identity owing to a multitude of reasons. The series stars Ritvik Sahore and Gayatri Bhardwaj in lead roles, as they explore human emotions and tell the tale of two very different personalities. The narrative follows the lives of Dhun Dhun, an introvert, and Inaya, an outgoing and fearless girl. The two cross paths on the Mumbai-Pune Highway and end up playing a significant role in each other’s lives.

If that doesn’t entice you enough, here’s a list of 4 reasons why we suggest you watch this romantic drama:

Brilliant Chemistry: Following the success of Ishq Express, the pair is back to entertain you with this charming love story, looking adorable as ever. The cute Nok-Jhok between the duo, their love-hate moments and moments that make your heart melt, it is impossible to get enough of Dhun Dhun and Inaaya.


Love is in the air: If you believe in finding love at the most unexpected places, then you should definitely watch this web series. This compelling love story will keep you hooked till the very end.  With the classic ‘opposites attract’ love story, its captivating and heart-pounding romance will make you reminisce when you meet your special someone for the first time.


Stellar Performance of the cast: During the entire duration of this web series, it will become difficult to distinguish between Ritvik and Dhun Dhun and Gayatri and Inaya. The actors have perfectly managed to breathe life into these characters and make us seem like people next door who we have known for ages.

Free to watch: Yes! You get to enjoy a lovely tale of romance, companionship, and a wholesome relationship for free. You don’t have to pay anything to view this intriguing and beautiful show on a subscription basis. It is available for free on Amazon miniTV within the Amazon Shopping App.



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