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AIPL Dream City Ludhiana’s humane act of dealing with street dogs

Sets up a shelter for street dogs in the township

At a time when some private colonisers of Ludhiana are facing flak from the citizens with regard to their treatment of stray dogs in their colonies, AIPL DreamCity Ludiana is setting an excellent example of dealing with stray dogs in their township.


AIPL DreamCity, in collaboration with local veterinary doctors has created a shelter for stray dogs and is taking active care of all the stray dogs in its over 500 acre township.


“Since 2018, the township was in a state of abandonment with no horticulture facilities, leading to massive growth of unwarranted plants; no cleaning facilities – leading to pile up of dirt on roads and other public spaces and no security facilities – leading to robberies and looting. This also led to a host of street dogs making the township its home,’’ states Mr Shamsheer Singh, Director AIPL. `But we knew that relocating or removing them from their territory would be a very inhumane act and so we decided to have them stay right there in the place which they called home. Additionally, stray dogs are protected under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act of 1960, especially under Section 38 of the Act. Also, as per the Animal Birth Control (Dogs) Rules, 2001, dogs cannot be relocated or removed from their territory. Dogs are territorial in nature and we wanted to give them a sense of security,’’ he adds.


The shelter spread over a vast area houses the dogs when the veterinary doctors visit for vaccinations. The dogs are then sent back to their designated territories.

The dogs are vaccinated every year, preventing them from deadly diseases like rabies, parvo virus, distemper etc. Regular visits by the veterinary doctors ensures that the dogs are free from tick borne diseases, skin and ear infections etc. Dogs getting hit by vehicles is one of the biggest reasons for injuries to street dogs which is why AIPL DreamCity Ludhiana is doing its bit and has reflective collars on all the street dogs in the township.

India today has close to 35 million stray dogs. With such a large population, their presence in gated societies is almost impossible to avoid. However, animal rights activists believe proper awareness and compassion towards them can help housing societies achieve a harmonious relationship.

There are several issues that are causing the stray dog population in India to have a negative impact on how society views the dogs, uppermost being the threat of Rabies. India has the highest rate of rabies deaths in the world, at 20,000/year according to the World Health Organisation. Further, stray dogs in rural areas or wildlife areas can become the biggest predator threat to wildlife. Added to this is the poor condition of the dogs. Most of the dogs are in poor health and suffer from all sorts of issues ranging from starvation, diseases such as parvo, distemper, rabies, mange, worms and much more. Because of the fear of rabies and bites, many people respond to this fear with violence and hit, injure or kill the dogs.

About AIPL

Advance India Projects Limited (AIPL) is a leading name in the real estate sector with a multi-dimensional portfolio ranging from commercial to retail and residential segments. The company has projects across Delhi-NCR, Punjab and Rajasthan.

Established in 1991, the company has till date delivered 60 landmark projects spread across various cities. It has so far delivered over 7 million sq. ft. of office spaces, 3.7 million Sq. Ft. of retail spaces and 320 acres of residential township development across Delhi-NCR, Punjab and Rajasthan.

About AIPL DreamCity Ludhiana:

AIPL DreamCity Ludhiana is the City of Dreams spread over 500+ acres. Designed for the future, AIPL DreamCity, Ludhiana has been envisioned as a ground- breaking development embedded with smart technology and sustainable practices. A city with a soul that integrates homes, shopping spaces, hospitals & dispensaries, schools, parks, bike lanes, sports & recreation to enliven and enrich citizens’ lives and create a cleaner, greener, and dynamic city. It’s where tomorrow shines.



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